iAngelart is committed to making every day sustainable and productive.

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Who are we ?

Inspired by the chic and sophisticated Parisian culture, iAngelart created a line of sustainable fashion and productivity products that aimed to make every day sustainable and productive.  

With a strong emphasis on eco-friendly practices and ethically sourced materials, iAngelart sought to redefine the boundaries of fashion by blending elegance with sustainability.

French Parisian fashion - iParisme by iAngelArt Global

Through their meticulously crafted products, iAngelart invited individuals to embrace a stylish journey where sustainability and productivity were the guiding principles, inspiring a new generation of conscious consumers.

What is sustainable fashion ?

Sustainable fashion refers to the approach taken by brands to create clothing and other products that prioritize both environmental preservation and ethical production practices. It involves minimizing the negative impact on the environment throughout the entire lifecycle of the products, from sourcing materials to manufacturing, distribution, and disposal. Additionally, it emphasizes the well-being and fair treatment of the workers involved in the production process. While there are challenges involved, such as increased costs and reduced profit margins, the fashion industry can embrace sustainability with the support of consumers.

Why is sustainable fashion so important ?

Ranked second only to oil, the industry stands as a major contributor to global industrial water pollution, accounting for a staggering 20%. It is surprising to many that clothing is predominantly made from plastic, leading to an impending microplastic crisis. Furthermore, the numerous harmful chemicals employed in textile mills pose risks to both the environment and the workers. To address these pressing issues, a global shift towards sustainable fashion is imperative. It holds the key to transforming the industry, ensuring a more environmentally friendly and socially responsible approach to fashion production.

Why choose us ?

Choose iAngelArt for sustainable fashion and productivity. Our mission is to make everyday sustainable and productive. We are dedicated to creating clothing and productivity products that prioritize sustainability and ethical production practices. By choosing iAngelArt, you are not only getting high-quality, eco-friendly products, but also actively contributing to a positive change in the fashion industry. Join us in our mission to make a difference and embrace a lifestyle that combines style, functionality, and environmental consciousness. Together, let's make everyday sustainable and productive.

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